Danida SPA

Project TitleDanida Strategic Partnership Agreement- SPA
Overall GoalTo empower and improved their economic, social and political status deprived and adolescent’s youth aged above 15 to 24 years for obtaining decent employment with active support from strengthened CSOs.
Project Results/ Objective • Deprived adolescent and youth demonstrate employability skills by gaining employment
• Deprived adolescent and youth have improved capacity and opportunities for local duty bearers to address their needs & concerns
• Deprived adolescent and youth have improved capacity and opportunities for local duty bearers to address their needs & concerns
DurationJanuary 2018 - December 2021
Funded BySave the Children, Denmark.
Supported BySave the Children, Bangladesh
Geographical CoverageWard No: 2, 3 & 5 (Mirpur-11) under the Dhaka North City
BudgetBDT 86,56,573
Target Beneficiaries • 5,400 Youths
• Indirect Total Reaching 24000 peoples
Target Groups • Adolescents and Youths
• Drop out students
• Civil Society Organization (CSO)
• Parents
• Caregivers
Main Components/ Interventions of the Project • Capacity Building
• Trained by TVET on Industrial Garments Sewing and Electrical & Electronic Trades
• Trained up on CFLG and Resiliece
• Get apprenticeship in a factory or company
• Get a decent Job after training from 2 CLC and 1 VTC.
Project in briefDanida SPA – Danida Stratejic Partnership Agreement is a four years adolescents and deprived youths improvement and empowerment project of Save the Children Bangladesh funded Save the Children Denmark. At least 5,400 adolescents and youths will skilled by getting Employability Skills from CLC and will get 3 months vocational training at our own VTC. After completed VTC they get apprenticeship in Trade related factory or a company and then they get a decent job or self-employed. They could change their life standard and support their families by monthly income. Adolescents and youths trained up on Youths Resilience (10 weeks) and CFLG. Their caregivers also trained up on Youths Resilience (4weeks).It hopes to reach of people twenty four thousand (24,000) indirect beneficiaries through its activities with the support in the urban area of ward no : 2,3 & 5 of Dhaka North City Corporation. Its overall purpose is to increase capacity and resilience of urban slum communities of ward no 2, 3 & 5 of Dhaka north City Corporation to know how to build own self for getting a decent job or self-employed.

The project’s main interventions target caregivers and youths in particular, ensuring their participation in Child Friendly with Local Governance – CFLG and Together with Children - TWC. To sustain the effort, Danida SPA project will act to build a strong network and liaison with Local government, certain Employers.

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