Project TitleReaching Out of School Children(ROSC-II) Project
Urban Slum Children Education Program(USCE) Program.
Overall GoalThe overall objective of the ROSC-II project is to reduce the number of Out of school Children through equitable, retention and completion in quality primary education in selected under-served areas
Project Results/ Objective i. Supporting students and learning centers with education allowance and grants to ensure access, participation and completion of primary education.
ii. Building private –public partnership for more effective management of learning centers (LCs) to deliver quality primary education.
iii. Enhancing women’s empowerment to enable them to participate in the decision making process as regards to LC establishment and management
iv. Establishing and strengthening the capacity of structures and mechanism for local level planning, management and monitoring of primary education delivered by the ROSC project with the participation of the wider community.
v. Introducing intensive teacher training for the professional development of teachers for improved Teaching and learning skills.
DurationMarch 2017 – December 2020
Funded ByPeople’s Republic of Bangladesh
Supported ByDirectorate of Primary Education(DPE)
Geographical CoverageDhaka, Gazipur and Narayongonj under SEEP
BudgetBDT 8,99,05,278(yearly)
Target Beneficiaries • Urban Slum Children
• Parents and Guardians of direct beneficiaries
• Urban Community people
• Compound Management Committee
Strategic Partners • ROSC Unit
• Compound Management Committee
• Implementing agency
• MIS Cell
• Sonali Bank
• Government Primary school
• Thana Education office
• District Primary Education Office
• Slum Development Officer
• Local Government
Main Components/ Interventions of the Project • Community Mobilization
• School Compound establishment and operating
• Teachers Training
• Coordination with stakeholders
Project in briefThe Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is working towards that end. There are 63,601 Government Primary Schools providing free primary education, there are several mass literacy programs. ROSC Phase - 2 (Reaching Out of School Children) is an endeavor of the Government undertaken in 2013 to provide a second chance to education for the disadvantaged children aged 8-14 years who never had the chance to enroll in the primary schools or who had to drop out for reasons of other necessities. The idea is to reduce the number of drop outs by creating scopes for (i) equitable access to primary education (ii) retention and (iii) completion of quality primary education.

Despite the remarkable progress of economic growth and social transformation as well as educational opportunities at the primary and secondary levels many school-aged children are still left out of school, particularly those from poor households and under-served areas. To address these underserved areas, poor house hold and disadvantaged groups, ROSC II is scaling up Urban Slum Children’s Education program. 50,000 new learners are being targeted from the urban slums of all the city corporation areas of the country.

The Urban Slum Children’s Education Program scale up activities will be implemented by qualified NGOs who will act as Implementing Agencies (IAs). 10 NGOs have been finally selected on the basis of their competencies, presence in the field, capacity and other agreed qualifications. IAs will deliver formal primary curriculum for grade 1-5 through non formal approach adopting a three year accelerated education model to complete primary education. SEEP is implementing the program with 7936 students at 60 School Compounds under 35 wards in Dhaka North, Gazipur and Narayongonj City Corporation. The program is implemented by 219 staffs.

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