Project nameNethope 2017 Device Challenge: Bangladesh
DonorUnited States
Technical supported bySave the Children
Project Duration2017- 2018
Working AreaWorking Area : Dhaka North City Corporation, Word No- 2,3,5,6 (Mirpur-12,Mirpur-11, Mirpur-10,Mirpur-7, Mirpur-6, Mirpur-2)
Main Activities • Computer Lab Setup: 4 computer lab were set up by SCI. There were 90 computers with 96 computer tables & 96 chairs,34 UPS and 100 tabs had been given by SCI.
• Community awareness.
• Provide ICT training.
• Job placement.
ObjectivesProvide soft skills and basic computer to the vulnerable adolescent youths and place them to employment.
Expected results • 3600 vulnerable youths will be training on soft skills and basic computer in decorated computer Lab.
• 80% of direct reach employed.
Target Group • Deprived, adolescent and youth from poor households.
• Drop out youths.
• Age group 14-24 years.
• At least class 8 and at best class 12.
Total Youth Reach • Total reach: 3600
• Direct reach: 3280
• Indirect Reach: 320
Description of the project I. In the month of July ‘2017 there are some awareness program organized by SEEP in Mirpur such as community mobilization, Miking, Leaflet, meeting with the parents & local governments.
II. Enrolled minimum 600 target youths by 5 community mobilizer for 45 days each batch of 5th batch.
III. Enrolled youths took 120 hours soft skills & basic computer training by recruited ICT instructors in the 4 labs in our Vocational Training Center.
IV. After taking sort course, some of them went to employed in local computer shop, chain shop etc and rest of were went to 5 clubs in Mirpur-12, Bauniabadh, Sabuj Bangla, Ta Block & Duaripara of S2S program for 3 months. Then they went to our VTC for the 3 months IT/BPO training.
V. We have ensured 80% job placement in different organization as projects required.
Staff of the projectOne project Coordinator and 2 ICT teachers were recruited by HRD of SEEP.

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