Project TitleJourney Towards Disaster Resilient Dhaka City project (JTRDC) - An Urban Risk Reduction Project.
Overall GoalMost vulnerable children in Dhaka urban areas grow up in a disaster resilient environment.
Project Results/ ObjectiveObjective:-
To strengthen accountability of duty bearers towards right holders of Dhaka city including 17354 children of two slums in ward 2 and 5 for resilient city.
Project Results:-
1. Increased awareness and capacity of children, youth and communities on disaster preparedness and Climate change and adaptation.
2. Duty bearers and stakeholders are sensitized and ensured their commitment on reduction of disaster risk of city dwellers including most vulnerable urban children.
3. Civil Society Organizations are active in making accountable the duty bearer to deliver their commitment towards child centred Urban Disaster Risk Reduction
DurationJuly 2015 - June 2019
Funded BySIDA
Supported ByPlan International Bangladesh
Geographical CoverageWard- 02 & 05, Zone- 02, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC)
BudgetBDT 76,372,409
Target Beneficiaries • Direct: 100 children and 50 Youths
• Indirect: 72000
Target Groups • Vulnerable youth, children and their parents
• Children who are involved in hazardous job
• Duty Bearers-
1. Primary duty bearers (i.e. government institutions and representatives, law enforcement officials, social workers):-
• Ward Councillor- elected representative- 02
• Zonal Executive Office 02
• Social Welfare and Slum improvement authority under Dhaka North City Corporation
• Elected member of the Parliament
• Dhaka City Corporation
2. Secondary duty bearers (i.e. caregivers, teachers, gatekeepers, civil society):-
• Slum Development Committee
• CSOs at the local level (NGOs, CBOs, Journalist forum)
• Different alliance at national level of environment movement (BELA, BAPA)
• CSOs at the national level (Urban Cluster, INGO Consortium involved in school based DRR i.e. NARRI and DeSHARI
Strategic Partners • Urban Community Volunteers (UCV)
• School Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)
• Madrasa Disaster Management Committee (MDMC)
• Civil Society Organization (CSO)
• Community Based Organization (CBO)
• Housing Society Committee
• Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC)
• Department of Disaster Management (DDM)
• Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR)
• Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense (BFSCD)
• Urban Development Directorate (UDD)
• Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK)
• Housing Building Research Institute (HBRI)
• Ward Disaster Management Committee (WDMC)
• City Development Journalist Forum, Bangladesh (CDJFB)
• Media Network (TV, Newspaper and FM Radio)
Main Components/ Interventions of the Project • Capacity Building: The project adopt capacity building as means to address the significant gaps in knowledge and skills amongst the target groups and this is increasing their empowerment, participation in their own risk reduction and also their capacity to voice their concerns. Pursuing this strategy, vulnerable children and their communities are now informed and skilled and built confidence and capacity to tackle issues themselves, these knowledge and skill sets are remain with the targeted population even after the project period.
• Promoting inclusion, Gender equality and the building of self-esteem: Following a transparent and participatory process, the project will target the most vulnerable and excluded girls and boys to be direct beneficiaries of the activities being implemented. Throughout the project life cycle, vulnerable children will be empowered to become more active members for desired change, creating opportunities to build their self-esteem and engage with others.
• Linking and networking: the project will ensure stakeholders are empowered and engaged and better engaged with relevant authorities for a more sustainable exit strategy
• Implementing and learning: Plan is committed to ensure the capturing of project learning and sharing at wider level to inform national government policies and practices and other stakeholder who are engaged in similar kind of intervention
• Advocacy and campaign: Project will continuously mobilize vulnerable children in assistance from CSO so that vulnerable can raise their voice and duty bearer are mobilized to protect their rights
Project in briefTowards Disaster Resilient Dhaka City project is a 4-years long project funded by SIDA and implemented by Plan International Bangladesh through implementing partner Social and Economic Enhancement Programme (SEEP). The project is being implemented at Ward 2 & 5 of Dhaka North City Corporation from 2015. Objective of the project is to enhance disaster resilience of children and youth in two urban slums in Dhaka city through participation of duty bearers and CSOs in Child Centered Urban DRR (CCUDRR) process. Activities of this project have been segregated to achieve three key result areas of increase resilience of the most marginalized children by awareness rising at community level, sensitizing key stakeholders and duty bearers, and advocacy among CSOs and duty bearers.

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